Automate Any Gardening Device

With our all-in-one-controller, you can monitor & control your indoor garden. Create personalized grow recipes in minutes and let Niwa do the work for you. Why would you grow any other way?

I decided to look for a room controller that encompasses most of my devices. The Grow Hub allows me to control my equipment in one app and the hardware is well.

It also gives you commercial like grow room reports and data. The grow recipes are super simple to swap between multiple stages. Lastly, I have to say their customer service is nothing but spectacular.

I was having a few issues when I first bought the controller, and they were able to diagnose the issue and update my controller in 5 mins.

John Thanhouser, 10 year grow veteran

How Does the Niwa Work For Your Garden?

Plug your Grow Hub to power, connect to Wi-Fi, then assign your different pieces of equipment to each designated outlet. Once you get connected and setup, you can begin building out custom schedules for your equipment, review historical data and make environmental adjustments when needed.

STOP failing/disrespecting your plants and give them the environment they deserve!

You bring the plants; we bring peace of mind!



Stop the guesswork & achieve optimal VPD levels to make your plants thrive and absorb nutrients optimally.

Icons / GrowData / Temp


Be alerted if your environment gets too cold, because we don’t want your plants getting frostbite and stunting their growth.

Group 11 Copy


Make sure your plants don’t get too hot so you can avoid any chance of getting mildew in your garden. That can be costly!

Icons / GrowData / Light


Plug in any grow lamp and create all the necessary light schedules you want for your plants, day & night.

Dew Point

Keep Dew Point on point, so the moment your garden get too hot, or when lights are on, your plants are well hydrated.



Monitor your Co2 levels and control your Co2 equipment with your Grow Hub and give your plants a huge boost

Always On.

Your Niwa Grow Hub is permanently connected to Wi-Fi, so check the current status of your garden by glancing at your live dashboard any time of day in a secure way.

Track Progress & Mistakes.

Logging & measuring the different parameters affecting your crop is fundamental in order to achieve maximum performance. The Niwa Grow Hub app has a built-in data logger accessible anywhere and anytime.

Precision Growing.

Within your custom grow recipes you have the ability to select your desired VPD, temperature, and humidity parameters along with watering and light schedules. All are completely customizable, so you can build the perfect environment for your plants!

Be in control of Your Garden Equipment



Water Pump


A/C Trigger



CO2 (Optional)​

Why Niwa is for you

Low tech,that is me. Thank goodness for the support team at Niwa. The unit has made me a better grower. During the current heat wave high temperature caused my ac to quit. The alarm allowed me to react to the problem I was not at the grow actually got me back on site. It has been a great investment. After sale they don't forget you.

1 month ago

Excellent system once you understand all the capabilities and how to work it properly! The company is very very helpful and spends whatever time you need helping out with operation. I’m using this in a small greenhouse.

2 months ago
Ryan William
Ryan William
Verified Owner by Niwa TeamVerified Owner by Niwa Team

Amazing! This does exactly what it says. I also contacted support at 7:30am and they responded within 30 mins. Can’t ask for anything more. Try that with the larger competitors.

3 months ago
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels

Love this thing! Took me a minute to figure it all out but now that I have I love it! Finally full automation for the small farmers😎🤙♿️

3 months ago
Jay Carraway
Jay Carraway

What a great device! I’ve recently brought one back to Thailand and can confirm it’s working flawlessly with 220v. This tool is a super saver for my grow needs and fun to use as well. I love the app, ease of use, and detailed information it provides. I travel a lot and enjoy the ability to monitor my various grow components from anywhere - around the world. Initially had a few questions about bringing it internationally (Thailand) and the support team was top notch with quick replies. Excellent support! I’m definitely a fan of the NIWA brand and sure to be back for another soon! Thanks Javier and Niwa team!

6 months ago

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