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Niwa CO2 Sensor


Niwa CO2 Sensor

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Niwa Grow Hub+ – Smart Automation & Monitoring System


(58 customer reviews)

The Niwa Grow Hub+ brings commercial-grade features, such as monitoring & controlling your plant’s climate (temperature & humidity), and VPD, and offers automated watering, light, and fan schedules to home growers. Additionally, with the optional CO2 sensor, you will be able to monitor CO2 and manage a CO2 device such as a CO2 valve. The Grow Hub+ also has 15A per outlet (15A Total) and a resettable circuit breaker. Read More…

With the goal of supporting a hassle-free and high-performance grow, Niwa has developed powerful software that enables growers to automate their setups in a very simple way- just by having users plug their existing devices (such as lamps, fans, extractors, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, A/C, pumps, or heaters) to the Niwa Grow Hub+.

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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 13.8 × 4.3 × 2.8 in

58 reviews for Niwa Grow Hub+ – Smart Automation & Monitoring System

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  1. What a great device! I’ve recently brought one back to Thailand and can confirm it’s working flawlessly with 220v. This tool is a super saver for my grow needs and fun to use as well. I love the app, ease of use, and detailed information it provides. I travel a lot and enjoy the ability to monitor my various grow components from anywhere – around the world. Initially had a few questions about bringing it internationally (Thailand) and the support team was top notch with quick replies. Excellent support! I’m definitely a fan of the NIWA brand and sure to be back for another soon! Thanks Javier and Niwa team!

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  2. Takes the guesswork out of environmental control. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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  3. Makes growing much easier, and more efficient! No more fiddling with equipment to find that happy spot. Better growth on plants being able to keep that vpd in check.

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  4. Niwa is a great control for who ever needs to be in control with their inside garden. And if any problems occur customer service is the best! They will help you out as the best they can and their response are quick. I’ve had Niwa for a couple years and will still have until I close my garden.
    Niwa is a awesome control I highly recommend it for anyone who is in a tent or grow room

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  5. The Grow Hub has kept my environment dialed in. It’s easy to use and the app makes it simple to adjust your environment when you are away from the grow. Highly recommended.

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  6. The growhub is absolutely an essential piece of equipment when trying to maintain the proper environment. My environment is now dialed in thanks to NIWA. Highly recommended.

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  7. Excellent product with robust personalized support from an extremely passionate and knowledgeable small business. My hub works perfectly but I had a programming question and Zachary walked me through every step to help me setup exactly what I needed. Highly recommended.

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  8. This is an awesome product that makes your life much easier and brings a lot more control. Besides, they provide great support. Highly recommend.

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  9. Moving my growing from outside to inside added a lot of new variables for me, as your probably aware if you’re reading this 🙂 I did manage the environment manually for a short time, and I can tell you that GrowHub gave me a lot of free time and sleepless nights back 🙂 After comparing GrowHub with two other platforms, I found it was the leader. It was able to keep the environment closer to my configuration than other solutions, and behaved consistently unlike other solutions. Overall it’s a win-win in my book!

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  10. This controller is straight-forward, convenient, and effective. And affordable. It grows mushrooms like a champ! I also used it to control the temp and humidity for temporary storage of an insanely expensive pile of hardwood flooring. Worked great. Recipes are super simple to create. And when I let my sensor get wet, customer service was right there to help me get operational again. I recommend it all the time!

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  11. Couldn’t be more happy with the results from using the hub. Piece of mind for sure. I can check stats and make any adjustments from my phone. This hub is very accurate and user friendly. It was simple for me to create my own recipes and stages. Customer service and support is outstanding and the best I’ve ever experienced. Looking forward to many Niwa hub grows. Thank you

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  12. If I could give more stars I would! Not only for the actual controller, but for the customer service team as well. The controller is an absolute game changer. It is a must have for any grow room. We initially had issues controlling our environment, but once we connected the grow hub, we had no issues. And, once the environment was dialed in, we were required to do minimal work… we basically just monitored everything. The app is comprehensible and once you learn how to connect & use it, it’s super easy to use and the stats are super informative. The recipes are easy to use (thought admittedly a bit confusing for me in the beginning as I was completely new to the app & growing in general). I will say, for new users, make sure you get a humidifier that works with the Niwa (because not all do) & the connection process was a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But, the team was able to assist me & I have experienced zero issues since connecting. Since I did have issues connecting, I called the customer service team. They answered right away & further provided me with an email to help me connect. Zachary was amazing at helping me with all of my questions, issues, and he was absolutely patient with me. I also called them the next day to ask a question, but did not get through. But, I shortly received a follow up text to make sure my question had been addressed either by someone calling me back or via email. They went out of their way to make sure I was all set to go and to ensure all of my questions were answered, but not only that, they followed up a couple of weeks later to ensure everything was still going well. It shows how committed this team is as well as how much they care about us and that is pretty amazing these days. Do yourself a favor and buy it!! It is worth it!!!!

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  13. Great device! Keeps the environmental variables controlled with ease!

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  14. Niwa grow hub works great, I can review my grows humidity and temperature to track the environmental conditions over time.

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  15. This is an indispensable tool for automating key elements of your grow. I would highly recommend this product to a new growers. The real power of this tool is in the software, and I anticipate that NIWA will continue to enhance what this product can do.

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  16. Amazing product. Really adds peace of mind

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  17. Just amazing! Coustomer service is great . It has taken my ability to grow to the next level and keep my small home grow. I work alot and on those days that you get home from work and go straight to bed, that’s not a problem anymor.

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  18. Amazing tool to help regulate your grow environment. Their customer service is top notch!

    Without a doubt, this is a company I would purchase from again.

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  19. Really great product it works wonders in my grow space

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  20. I have a small setup that Im using The grow hub in and I must say this controller is awesome! the all in one sensor they have is super accurate to say the least! Not to mention the app & ability to monitor conditions makes your grow run smoothly. For the money this is by far the best controller you can purchase I would recommend anyone who’s serious about growing and on a budget to grab one of these.

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